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The Love of Music Part Two: The San Francisco Chronicles

I guess my awareness of the “Long Ride” began when I quit high school about two or three months before graduation and hitchhiked to New York City with a friend who tended toward being a little weird—but in the overall … Continue reading

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The Love Of Music

Tonight is one of those nights where I need to use the computer to generate a little cash for the Henry household. I do a few newsletters and web sites on the side and generally enjoy
what I do—that is if it doesn’t begin to take up my life—I like to read the paper, talk to my wife before and after dinner and watch a few TV shows as well when I am clocked out from “real” work.

As I began to layout the latest newsletter I inserted a few CD’s into the player that sits by my desk and pushed …
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The Price of Wheat and Tea in China

I will have to admit upfront that I am not a fan of what we have come to call news reporting during the past several years. I can’t remember when I last watched the evening news on
television (maybe 20 years) or read “Newsweek” or “Time” magazine—which were staples during my newspaper reporter days in the early eighties.

However, one of my major weaknesses—besides Hagen Daz ice cream—is my affinity towards the “mac paper” USA Today. I seem to buy it almost every work day and if the truth be told, head first of all to
the Life Section to see …
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It’s Almost Spring!

During the past couple of weeks our mountain weather has gone from the mid sixties to the low twenties with several inches of snow, a few inches of rain and lots of windy days and
nights thrown in for good measure. During my almost thirty years in the western part of North Carolina I have seemingly seen it all.

Several observations can be made about spring in the mountains: it rains more than it snows; we are always teased by fantastic weather only to have it vanish completely over a several hour period;
and the daffodils always want to bloom before …
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