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Eve, The Apple & Please Call Me Baby

I recollect I’ve seen this scene in the movies a dozen times over the past 20 years: girl friend/wife/lover walking alongside the road at night while husband/boyfriend/lover slowly drives beside her,
window open, head bent, pleading with her to get back in the car. There’s been an argument/disagreement/blowup and in her mind walking away was the only option she had left. It really doesn’t matter
who started what: the scene is all that matters.

Many people have this sort of drama in their everyday lives—more so I guess when young. I myself have …
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Nothing New Under The Sun

Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I guess part of what I like is the poetic nature of the writing. Some the the images that are formed when I read this book are as truthfully
profound as anything I have ever read.

As pertains to the title of this post, Ecclesiastes 1:9 informs us:

That which has been is that which will be,

And that which has been done is that which will be done.

So there is nothing …

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Lets Get Together

I don’t listen to a whole lot of music these days except when I am driving around town, off to a bike ride or on my way to work. It’s not like the old days when it seemed that music was a way of
life—and by the number of CD’s I still have at work and by my computer at home, you would know that I am telling the truth.

Much of what I listen to these days is archived on my old Ipod. Most of the time I leave it on shuffle and …
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