So Much To Say And So LIttle Time

Hey 3:30 am bloggers, it’s me again.

According to the commercials on television, most adults have some sort of sleeping disorder at least a couple of times a week. And the big drug companies would have us believe that they have the answer to all of our problems.

They probalby think that they have everything solved because of the success of Viagra and other compounds like it that help men with those kinds of problems. I mean I get at least 25 e-mails a day at work telling me how much better my life will be if I would order Viagra or Cialis from their barely legal internet drugstore. It’s the thing that dreams are made of and the reason advertising exists in the first place.

Find something that someone can be bothered about (bad breath, underarm smell, pimples) and make people feel so self-conscious about it that they will run to the store to buy the product they think will solve the problem or make it go away. Let’s face it, car commercials are really not about buying a vehicle to get you to work and back. Buying a car is about part of the american dream….it is about sex and the perception of success and happiness that is bandied about like it is our constitutional right.

What about the tribes in Africa that have never even seen a coke bottle. They don’t yet realize how much better their life would be if they could just take a couple of sips.

I say this because i just watched “The Gods Must Be Crazy” again after maybe 20 years. It’s about a tribe in Africa that find a coke bottle thrown from an airplane. They believe that everthing they come into contact with is put there by the gods for their use and soon find that they can use the coke bottle for all the little things that they do everyday as a nomadic tribe.

However, there is only one coke bottle and you can guess the rest. Everyone wants the coke bottle and soon they begin to be jealous of one another and begin to fight over possesion of that coke bottle. Up until they found the coke bottle, the tribe had never known these types of emotions and it was making them all miserable. So, the leader of the tribe decided to take the bottle and throw it off the edge of the earth. They couldn’t figure out why the gods had given them this thing that in the end made them all feel so bad.

But that’s really another story.

Back to sleep or the lack thereof. I read a story in a newspaper magazine that the best thing to do when you wake up at night and can’t seem to get back to sleep is  to get up and write or read for a while. It takes the pressure off getting back to sleep and then when you return to bed you can go right to sleep.

It may really be a gift from God because I guess it (getting up during the night) is really a way to fit things into a busy life. And while it’s a drag pulling yourself out of a warm bed into a cold house, I have never regreted getting up after the fact.

I have talked with some people and they say they pray when they awake during the night and that seems like a wise use of the time. They may be praying for you or me right at this very moment.

So, while part of me would rather sleep through the night each and every time, I am almost getting used to the fact that this time is allright too. And it would be shame to take one of those little pills that the drug companies have invented to help me not wake up at all.

Although, you may be asking yourself if what you have just read is really “wake-up worthy”. I would have to say yes. To a writer, even the act of putting together one sentence after another in some fashion is progress. Just the shear pleasure of watching as the words and thoughts pop out and get wrtten down is worth it.

So, now that my mind is a little less clogged, I will go back to sleep and try to blog during a normal waking hour. And good luck to you as well.

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