A Date With My Wife

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In front of the High Gallery, Atlanta.

Last night, as I sat in my easy chair, half asleep, I remembered a time from long ago, when on Sunday mornings we’d take a trip to a little town outside of East Lansing, Michigan and do brunch.

This was a long time before becoming a Christian and moving to North Carolina. The restaurant, whose name I can’t remember, was in a town called Williamston. There was art all over the walls and the hip people from the university would gather late Sunday morning for breakfast. It was at that time you could tell who was dating who and so on and so forth.

As I can remember, there was very little talk from table to table—it was more a quiet affair—you and your significant other.

There is more I could say about this time in my life—but what I remember most, besides the feeling of being in love, was the eggs florentine that they served. That alone was well worth the drive.

So, this morning, December 31st, the last day of 2006, I suggested to Sandi that we head to town and get breakfast out. Our goal was to hit Melanie’s Food Fantasy, but on the way saw a sign in the window of Angelica’s, a more or less vegetarian restaurant that has great soups and sandwiches.

Another sign of breakthrough. I actually stopped and opted for the unknown, rather than the known.

This impressed my wife and soon we were seated (the only one’s I might add) and looking at the menu. They didn’t have eggs florentine, but what they had seemed good. We ordered, got some coffee and sat back to enjoy or time together.

Did I mention that as we entered the restaurant, we passed a classical guitarist, who, when he saw us enter, picked up his guitar and headed for his seat.

“This is great”, I thought. “We get serenaded while we do brunch.”

Anyway…breakfst was good—the coffee was good—I tipped the guy for playing so well and we walked through a light mist into our future.

As we walked I thought about it being good to end the old year with the same stuff that you want to start the new year with. Life is an adventure—let’s not let the enemy steal our good times from us. Each day is a new day…a day that holds promise and life.

Lets choose life!

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2 Responses to A Date With My Wife

  1. melody says:

    now thats just a plain good blog!

  2. Doronin says:

    Good minimalistic design. I like it))) My eyes is rest!

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