The Next Level

During my recent trip to Maryland to visit family, Sandi and I listened to some teachings from a 2006 conference called “Quantum Leap”. You might be thinking it was about the tv show of the same name that was popular several years ago—but it wasn’t.

It was really more about bandwidth, soundwaves, how sub-atomic particles relate and how God created it all and how creation and the way it is constructed can be understood in a biblical Physics sort of way.

What this has to do with the life of a Christian and the modern day church is very compelling and interesting. I might add very exciting as well.

When a Christian Physicist tells you that matter has memory and you better watch what you say—it certainly gets my attention. I carry around a 512 meg flash drive in my pocket. So I realize that we are able to write to and read from whatever matter that it is made from. Why not believe that the rocks and trees hear us as well.

It puts a whole different spin on the scripture that exhorts us to bless and curse not. (Romans 12:14)

And what about not letting any unwholesome word come out of your mouth. (Ephesians 4:29)

Are we now being told that it is more than something good we need to do—that the very matter that we are formed with holds onto this stuff in such a way as to effect us until something else is spoken….I guess that’s what this guy was saying.

Something else about that. We were also told on another teaching that the ear is one of the first organs to develop (at seven weeks) and that a cranial nerve is attached to the inner ear and ends up touching every organ in your body. So, when we say words, these words are translated into sound energy, which travel along the cranial nerve into the brain and then out to all the organs the brain touches. Further research is needed for me to be able to assimilate all of this information, but the possibilities are very intriguing indeed.

I might interject at this point that the new-agers have had a bead on this for a long time with their bad vides and good vides and whatnot point of view. In and of itself, what they do with truth, is irrelevant and not part of this thought process. What I am alluding to is an opening to a further dimension in God and the Holy Spirit. That one day, because our faith has been enriched beyond belief, we will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed—the blind eyes will be opened in America and the lame will walk normally again. I look forward to a time when the world will know we are Christians by our love for one another—as the bible records.

Another concept explored by the Physicist is that the noise that distracts us on a daily basis from being all that we can be and actually experiencing God in the fullest way, is really a lack of signal strength. The more bandwidth we are receiving, the less noise and the clearer the path before us seems.

I can relate this to digital photos. When I take a picture indoors, most photos will seem a little dark. I can take this same photo and open it up in Adobe Photoshop and adjust the levels and get rid of the darkness (digital noise/lack of signal) and make the picture appear clean and sharp.

The first screen shot example shows a photo as the camera took it without adjustment. Notice the levels window at the bottom and look for the three sliders along the bottom. Where the input level screen shows black there is signal information that has been recorded. Where it dips down and it is white there is noise as you will see in the next example where I actually adjust the noise away to clean up the picture.

<img src="/images/49366-44812/Screen_one.jpg”>

The next image is the same picture but notice that I have slid the two pointers at the bottom of the level window to the left and into the signal thus reducing the noise that has been captured as well. Noise is lack of signal strength and makes the picture darker.

<img src="/images/49366-44812/Screen_2.jpg”>

Ergo: if you want to get closer to God and become more like Jesus, get more signal—more bandwidth.

In other words, the way to be transformed is through the renewing of your mind by the washing of the water of the word. We all knew this—right? But here is this scientist telling us the same thing in terms that are somehow on a different plane of existance. A plane that if we perhaps explore will open us up to all sorts of understanding.

Can we get closer to God without knowing any of this—yes! The old fashioned way of being still and knowing that He is Lord is still one of the best. But to begin to understand that we are made by God as creatures that respond to nature and scientific forces in predictable ways is facinating and stimulating.

It could say a lot more but I think I have taken this ride as far as I can today without some lunch.

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