Soup For Lunch

The weather was fair and about 48 degrees in Boone today. A perfect day for a bowl of soup at the Hunan Chinese Restaurant.

Mike and I went and ordered from the menu: House Special Soup for Two and a bowl of steamed rice for each of us. The waiter looked slightly confused so I said “Two for Two” as he headed to the kitchen to place our order.

Several minutes later he returned with two bowls of steamed rice and one bowl of soup—soup for two but really for only one. I pointed out that we wanted another bowl and he seemed to understand and said share for now and I will be back.

He had also forgotten the hot oil, which I always ask for and which hardly ever comes until you ask for it again. Cindy, the Taiwanese lady who used to own the restaurant would always bring the hot oil without being asked. Well, not always but often enough for the purpose of this illustration.

I watched Mike eat his soup figuring that I would wait and that way there would be no confusion as to who ate how much and so forth. I am glad I did—my soup had more stuff in it—more shrimp and scallops and vegetables. Sometimes it works out that way.

Anyway, I eat faster than him and I was soon caught up to where he was and we continued to talk about our good choice of lunch between spoonfuls of soup with extra hot sauce.

Ours was a healthy choice—we could have had chicken with garlic sauce or general’s tso’s chicken—great tasting choices but full of calories and all that.

You know—we are over 50—and everyday we have to make choices about what to eat and how to exercise in order to stay young and healthy.

It costs a little more to to this but the dividends are great. When I returned to work I took my blood pressure and in was 118 over 78. Not bad for an old guy who didn’t always make the right choices. I still like Hagan Daz ice cream a little to much but don’t go in that direction to often—maybe once a month with a malt in between during the summer months.

My wife recently traveled to Greensboro with a friend to shop at an Asian market. She brought back all the herbs and spices to make a Vietnamese soup we both really like. It’s the kind of soup that warms you up on those still chilly early spring days in the mountains of North Carolina. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

All this aside—it’s almost time for dinner—and then a gallery opening after.

A nice ride for a Friday evening. Hope your ride is as well.

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2 Responses to Soup For Lunch

  1. Carey says:

    All is well…just as soon be in Boone.

  2. Bryson says:

    Real brain power on dspilay. Thanks for that answer!

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