A Sometimes Reluctant Servant

Several weeks ago I mentioned the bible story of the two sons who were both asked to go into the vineyards to work and their initial responses and subsequent actions.

I identified with the son who said no at first and then thought better of his response and then did what was asked of him—I saw in him and me a “reluctance” which is a pull between a sense of duty and responsibility.

To that end I secured a website called www.reluctantservant.com and set up a blog with the intention of making it more a spiritual topics place than looking for the long ride. I posted two entries and have realized that they are in a sense part of the sequential nature of what I have been writing the past week or so.

They were posted on 6/13 and 6/19 and seem to follow the 6/12 post here entitled Pathos or Bathos – Jot or Tittle. It remains to be seen if having two different blogs is a good idea or not. I like the look and feel of the reluctant servant one but really don’t think I have the time or the inspiration to hold two together.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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