A Step Out Of Time

Lets just say for the sake of this story that time is like a river that runs from far up north to the deep, deep south and as far as we can tell, has no beginning and no end. We have heard that the river begins in some cave far beneath the earth’s surface but so far no one has ever seen its beginning. As to where the river ends—we can pinpoint the exact place where it meets the ocean but from that point and where it goes from there and what continents the river touches—one cannot be sure.

The river as time analogy continues as we see it in the summer—running slow and shallow—needing rain. And then—after a big storm—the river running high and muddy and fast.

On a map this river looks like a line that runs its course across the paper—twisting this way and that—running straight for a while and then filling the page with bends and turns.

As the river, so is the timeline of our lives—we enter the river at a certain point in bodily form and then at some point in time the body is burned or buried but the river continues to flow.

Lets say for the sake of the story that at some point we see a break in the timeline of our lives and step outside the shape of what has been holding us and all that we know in the pattern of the river.

What would we see…what would time look like. Would we only see what is in front of our faces or would we be able to see past, present and future as if they were all one and the same—only slightly different depending on how far left or right we turned our heads.

Would everything stop for us as we stepped out of our timeline? Would we then be able to go back in time and say the right thing at that time we said the wrong thing. Or study a little harder for that mid-term exam—that when we didn’t get a good grade began to change the course of our life.

If our lives are but one continuous wave length amongst all the others that exist simultaneously—there are indeed certain events that mark the passage of time as it relates to our personal journey through it. Our first bike, first date, first kiss—our first real job. What follows is marriage, kids, building homes—keeping our kids under our watchful eye and then letting them go after graduation to live their own lives with their own spouses in their own homes.

Certain events mark us forever—like an illness or disease that enters our timeline and seems to take all the wind out of our sails—but when overcome will change our lives forever and for the better. Adversity that seems too hard at first but later will put us into a better postition to navigate than before.

Time is tricky and sometimes sticky—like a song that we hear that takes us back to the time when we first heard it. If it marked an important event in your life you will remember the sounds and smells and feelings of that particular time as if they were happening today. Melancholy is maybe a state of being when the unresolved past enters the future unfiltered and triggers the emotional state that still exists for us to feel.

I will have to admit that my time outside the timeline has been interesting—but we do reach a point where our desire is to get back in the water and simply just enjoy the ride for as far as the river will take us. Some of us will make it to the ocean and some of us won’t but let’s enjoy today while it is still called today.

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  2. Terry Henry says:

    ¿Dónde está la estación de autobuses?

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