A Heightened Awareness

I have recently come to the awareness that very few of us ever really know one another. That what we say we know of each other is in reality only what we have allowed our minds to see instead of what is really in front of us. That most of the time we are living in past realities instead of current circumstances. We say we want to know one another and be known but that is far from the truth of where we live everyday.

Bob Dylan said that…”I am right from my side and you are right from yours but we are both just one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind.”

I am convinced that we have mental perceptions of one another that are kinda of like boxes that we keep each other in: boxes that become the shape of who we think people are. Once we are in someone’s box, it is very difficult to ever get them to see the authentic you or me that exists in flesh and blood and not a certain shaped box. And why would anyone want to be bold and daring enough to even consider that what their perception of you or me is, is not one of reality but a fabrication of past circumstances that have created this mental picture or box.

I have also come to the conclusion that much of what you see of me is made up of what I have given you to perceive: if I am insecure I have given you a subconscious cue to treat me from a place of insecurity. In other words rather than your interactions with me helping me to overcome this condition, your reactions to me will play into the insecurity that is already there as if I had scripted our interaction with this dynamic in play.

The bad news is that this thought process and the unveiling of the scripts we live out can be overwhelming.

The good news is that with a little work, much of what is distorted can be brought into the light and become something that is really authentic.

In talking with a friend last evening, it was apparent to me that he had done a lot of thinking about this very same thing. He told me that he believed that most people have never met their authentic selves. He agreed that our perceptions of one another are quite often wrong and that the only way to get on the other side of this dilemma is to be born again unto a new way of thinking and looking at reality.

Much of what I am relating has come from listening to some teaching tapes by a Dr. Michael Ryce. A lot of what he talks about can be found at: Heartland

I could go on an on about some of what I have been thinking about as pertains to his teachings but will end today with a link sent to me by my farmer friend Alan. He has recently done a series on perceptions and I will attach that link when it becomes available. In the meantime here is a link that says alot about our perceptions.

Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma


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4 Responses to A Heightened Awareness

  1. Carey says:

    May our experience of each other be, not what we perceive each other to be, but what we aspire for us to be. And we have the rest of our lives for the working out of those hopes.

  2. Terry Henry says:

    Well said Carey….our goal should be to associate with each other’s aspirations—spurring one another on I think it is said in scripture. Rather than worry about each other’s faults, it would be a better world if we gathered around our hopes and dreams and let the Lord work out the details.

  3. ded says:

    I ask if we can attempt to learn together knowing one another after the spirit?

  4. Terry Henry says:

    As far as I know we are in this thing together and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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