A Great Labor Day 2007

I am afraid that I have been more “serious” lately with my blogging and have to admit that there are seasons in our lives that are “deep calling to deep” as it were. It is not like I really plan any of this—it either happens or it doesn’t. You are either describing the scenery and events around you at the moment or something from your memory of them—or a combination of the two.

Yesterday was Labor Day and I work at a job that kindly allows us to take the day off. And I made the most of it. The day dawned as one of the most pleasant days in recent history—not to hot and no rain in the forecast. I met my biking buddies at nine and we headed out for a great ride on one of the best biking roads in Western North Carolina—Three Top road which deadends into NC 88. I guess you have to be a biker to appreciate the view from a saddle that is very narrow and looks like it hurts to sit on it—especially for several hours. But you soon forget the saddle and the bike and become one with the countryside. It is almost undescribeable.

I got a behind in my timing and was a little late getting home so Sandi and I and Laura could go hiking to the Hebron Falls with our friends the Whittington’s. But after a quick shower we headed out to Jullian Price Park, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in order to hike the 2 and a half miles into the woods to experience the beauty of where we live everyday.

What you see in the photo below is just small part of what we saw yesterday. This picture was taken by Brad K in the fall sometime and the link to his site is below the picture. The leaves yesterday were still mostly greeen but the local drought has taken its toll and the trees are losing leaves right and left.

<img src="/images/49366-44812/34344063_P9252744.jpg” border=”0″ width=”599″>

Link to Photo

Anyway, it is my hope that you had a great Labor Day and that life is treating you well. September and October are some of the best days in the mountains of North Carolina—so we haven’t really missed anything yet.

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4 Responses to A Great Labor Day 2007

  1. Jimazing says:

    Hi Terry,This is less of a comment for publication and more of an invitation. I am part of a group of guys doing life together in Charlotte. We go camping a couple of times a year and we are planning a trip to Price Park the end of this month. If you would like to join us camping or just come out for dinner and a campfire chat, let me know. You have my email address. I’ll add you to the communications if you like.Sorry to use your comment form for this, but I didn’t seen any other way on your site to contact you.Blessings,JimP. S. Please pass along to Carey Rowland. The email address I have for him is no longer valid. Feel free to send him my address.

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  3. X-Science says:

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  4. Replica Blog says:

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