Perception and Spirituality

Life has it’s very own way of presenting us with just enough stuff to
handle in order to keep us busy and almost off-hook with making any
sort of definable progress—be it an exercise program or reading the
bible everyday.

Most of us are wise enough by this time to not
get caught up in the beginning of the year resolutions that were very
popular when we we young. They didn’t work then and they don’t work
now. What works is a change of heart.

And I might also add at this point a change of perspective.

we view ourselves at home/at work/ at rest and how we view ourselves in
Christ and what He has done for us is increasingly more important as
cultural time proceeds down its’ slippery slope. At this point in my
Christian walk I know that I don’t see myself totally as I should and
this not seeing clearly manifests itself in insecurity, anger and lack
of patience and understanding towards others—just to name the ones we
all deal with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

However dark
the few clouds in my life’s sky seem today, I really am making progress
towards being an authentic person and becoming more and more free of
the bad habits and character flaws that have kept me from totally
seeing the “peace that passes all understanding”.

I could go on
but that is not the point of this post—the real point is to introduce
you to a friend of mine I have referred to here and at reluctant servant
as my farmer friend Alan. Among many other talents that Alan has is one
of teaching the word in an authoritative and interesting fashion. A
couple of months ago he was recorded in a church in Taylorsville, NC
speaking on “Perceptions”. I haven’t yet listened to the whole thing
but from what I have read about this teaching in his newsletter, it is going to be rich and worth the time. I have shrunk the MP3 down to a managable size and parked it for listening at my website homepage. It is at the bottom of the page. Let me know what you think.

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