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That Time Of Year

When you live in the mountains of North Carolina, each year always has one day when you know that the season has changed from fall to winter weatherwise. You go to bed one evening surrounded by balmy Indian summer like temperatures and wake to the sound of high winds and a 40 degree temp reading.
And the local forecast says that there is more low temperature weather in store for our future. It had to happen—it is just a matter of when and how much.
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One of those seasons

After several months of being very regular in my blog thought-life I have seemingly entered into one of those seasons where putting anything into words seems a stretch. It is not that I am not thinking—just that my thinking seems to be formative and not substantive.
The feeling is as if part of the hard-drive of my mind is behind a curtain and is not readily acessible to me—I haven’t lost anything but what is there is not creating any energy of its own. In other words there have been seeds planted in the ground but they are waiting for the appropriate amount of sunshine and rain before they even begin to think of sprouting. And for a blogger and verbal processor this is a real trial—what happened to that kid I used to know who had lots to say about anything that came to mind.
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