Misty Edwards

Here is a link that was forwarded to me from a friend. I share it with you in hopes that the message will speak for itself. I am always amazed with people who can flow in the gifting they have been given by God—be it Misty Edwards (the link) or Miles Davis or Joni Mitchell. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Misty Edwards

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2 Responses to Misty Edwards

  1. Carey says:

    Thank you for that beautiful gift through M. Edwards, although I don’t see the relation to Joni M. or M. Davis, since they are in different universes. I don’t seem JM or MD as linked to the ONE whom M. Edwards exalts.In other news, I’ll be leading worship this Friday night at Celebrate Recovery, at Alliance, if you care to join us.Love C

  2. Terry Henry says:

    They are linked in the sense that God gave gifts to man without repentance—JM & MD never acknowledged the gift giver for their gift. What time?

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