An Apology

I have been more or less faithful to populating this blog since I left the church I had attended for 22 years in October of 2006. Lately, I have had a lot I could say and put into words that would feed the story of my life, but I have not had the where-with-all or freedom (joy) to follow through. To say that I have learned to fly again might be an understatement—I am visiting areas that I only imagined before.

God is helping me to see a new path. There will be more to come.

Thanks for checking in.


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3 Responses to An Apology

  1. Carey says:

    We’re awaiting the “more to come,” but hey, take your time. We know you’re gardening heavily in the spring.C

  2. ded says:

    Thanks for the update. Flying lifts one above the dust and soot close to the earth. Enjoy the fresh air!!

  3. Reed says:

    I look forward to the more that is to come.

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