How Time Flies When You Are Busy Living

In talking with a friend the other day who asked me why I had not been blogging, I realized that it has been at least a couple of months since my last posting. The reasons why I would slack off that much after almost 3 years of being relatively consistent are as many and as varied as the pot holes in our Boone roads after what has been a long, cold, snowy winter.

No, I have not lost interest in expressing myself on the various thoughts that pass through what is left of my imagination. It is more like the desire to expound on my life and those around me has been in hibernation and waiting for the thawing rains of spring to bring forth new vegetation.

In the meantime, my daughter Lydia and my son Joseph have welcomed new baby girls into the world, making grandparents for the first time out of Sandi and me.

Lydia’s baby, Kaydence Faith was born in the early hours of January 1st in Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem. Joseph’s baby, Ayla Jade, was born to him and wife Amanda on February 10th. Both are doing well and the stories that will be told about both pregnancy’s and labors would take several pages to describe. Each child is a miracle and a blessing and will forever change the way each family lives.

Several weeks ago, we all got together and celebrated a baby day. It is that kind of day where pictures are taken with each parent and grand parent and cousin and child from every conceivable angle and direction. Most of us guys can take about an hour or two of this before we start looking for a newspaper or magazine to read in the other room. Suffice it to say, it was a weekend to remember.

One of the joys (there are many) of parenthood is knowing that your children have grown up with the ability to find happiness, earn a living and in general, take care of themselves. Sandi and I are blessed with three adult children who are doing all this and more. In addition, we have Laura, a rising senior, still with us. They are all a blessing to us in their individual ways and as a family we have shared many special times.

Being a part of our kids special times is something that doesn’t have a price tag. Sitting at your son’s or daughter’s table and breaking bread (having a meal) is a moment in time that makes all of the various times and seasons of raising children worthwhile.

It is a blessing beyond compare.

In other news I have been getting back into painting and am having a lot of fun playing my various tin whistles. I have been reading Mother Jones and Utne Reader and have been provoked and challenged by many of the articles I have read. Much of what they publish doesn’t make it into the mainstream or else goes way beyond what we have been led to believe about current events and the world around us.

Did you know that a decision was made by corporate America/corporate world after one of the world wars to create a system of planned obsolescence in order to help our economy grow. We now have $29 DVD players that can’t be fixed, etc. and have to be replaced every few years as a direct result of this decision. Conversely, there is a movement that would like to see more things manufactured that can be fixed and or repaired and that last a lot longer than a couple or years. And the bottom line is that most people probably don’t care.

I guess you get my gist—life is going on all around us and we would do well to get in the boat and start paddling.

I think Jonatha Brooke said it best in a song called Crumbs off her 10 Cent Wings album:

And you say, that you have come as far as you are able
But you’re not far from the tree

And you say, you’re OK, but you live your life like it’s over.

We really owe it to ourselves to keep connected with this miracle called life. Have a great ride today!

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8 Responses to How Time Flies When You Are Busy Living

  1. Carey says:

    I don’t think planned obsolescence is so bad. Looks to me like it’s an attribute of God’s handiwork too, at least that’s the way I feel sometimes.But each day he gives us is new, every morning! Great is his faithfulness.

  2. Terry Henry says:

    The concept of planned obsolescence is not so bad in and of itself. But from a resource sustainability concept will cause us to further use up all our natural resources and in the end we will all be living by landfills.This is in the same sense that capitalism is not a bad system. And within that construct, consumption of products and services is somewhat sustainable. However, consumerism, tied into planned obsolescence is not sustainable…it will all be over someday. Consumerism is you and me buying things that we don’t need to survive but only to fill a need that advertising and our culture has told us needs to be filled in order for us to feel good about ourselves.Anyway…it was nice to see you and Pat the other day and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Steve says:

    I looked at a camera in the closet this morning and thought “it’s not worth getting fixed, I’ll just buy another one”. Maybe it’s my joy of getting something to work that is currently broken or just being cheap but I do like the idea of fixing something.This Sunday at church I held my youngest grandson. That sure felt better than getting an old appliance to work. Let’s keep peddling on.Steve

  4. Terry Henry says:

    As far as getting things fixed, I am afraid we don’t have much choice anymore. Most radio/tv techs charge $60 an hour so it is better to just replace that $30 dvd player. Plus, they don’t make them fixable anymore anyway….all components are fused together on a flimsy circuit board whereas they used to be what they called “discreet” components where each piece was soldered on and could be taken off and replaced by itself.You are right however about grandkids….the more quality time we spend with them the less they will need to get “fixed” later on in life.Ride on!

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  6. Brian says:

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  7. Mickey says:

    Great thinking! That really bareks the mold!

  8. maul says:

    Quite interesting. Thank you!

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