Times Fun When You’re Having Flies

I really can’t believe that it has been almost six months since I posted my last blog rambling.

Have I been overwhelmed with the rest of my life—well almost but not quite.

At some point I guess I just lost my desire to decant every thought—that along with my tendency towards laziness. Perhaps it was that second glass of wine that did me in blog-wise. As we get older, we often trade one buzz for another anyway.

Much of what I have done “thoughtfully” during the past few months has been a more personal journey into understanding what makes Terry Henry tick. I wouldn’t call it navel gazing but I do have an introspective nature and a thought-life that keeps me pretty busy most days.

Having said that, there are certainly many points of departure that are presented to me at this moment.

I could talk about how the church we were a part of for several years imploded and left us wondering about what’s next for us in this arena. We haven’t left the faith—we’re just not “going to church” each and every Sunday morning. Our spiritual journey continues in fellowship, around dinner tables, in the marketplace and at occasional conferences. Somehow it seems more “real” this way even if the “home base” is always moving.

I could talk about recent beach trips with the entire clan and of grand daughters that have brought a joy into my life that almost can’t be described. Being a grand dad is such a pleasure.

And thinking of families, one of the delights of being the father of four great kids is those times when we are all together for a weekend of dinner, deck sitting and drinking a great bottle or two of wine. It is hard to describe just how precious those times together are and how much Sandi and I look forward to them.

I could also talk about planting corn and potatoes, beans and tomatoes, garlic and cilantro and lettuce, lettuce, and more lettuce. And after all these years of gardening, I am still learning a few new tricks. One trick is now much better your garden will do if and when you plant a cover crop such as crimson clover in the fall. In the spring, you mow it down, compost the plant and then till the rest under and let it sit for a week or two before you plant. The cumulative effect is that the cover crop deposits a lot of nitrogen, the stuff that makes plants grow, into the soil. I have never had such great corn as this year. Plus I have a couple of rows of sweet potatoes to harvest in a week or two as well.

Part of what makes Terry tick comes from knowing that I have a “father” who cares for me and is blessed when I operate out of my created uniqueness and gifting. Just as no two snow flakes are the same, each of us is an “original”. My authenticity comes from partnering with the creator of the universe. In Him I live and move and have my being!

And while I don’t always live in this awareness or operate from this center, my goal in life is to be fully alive in all my potential—to allow His love to wash over me and in so doing, clean out all the cobwebs of anger, bitterness and betrayal that, like weeds in my garden, pop up every so often and have to be pulled out one by one.

In closing I am reminded that it is a long way from Boston to San Francisco. But once the train is up to speed it takes less and less effort to keep it running. Inertia has been broken—it remains to be seen what results the potter will have with the clay. Hopefully something useful will be formed out of all of this.

Enjoy your ride today and ……..!

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1 Response to Times Fun When You’re Having Flies

  1. The Lord covers your life like clover on the back .40, and that’s the greatest blessing of all, along with them grand-young’uns. Thanks for sharin’. Ride on!

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