A Few Random Thoughts For Tuesday

I can’t escape the feeling that my father, who would be 92 today, would still be alive if he had a smartphone to take with him during his visits to the “library”. And when I say library I don’t mean the one where you do research and check out the latest books and magazines. I am talking about that euphemistic place that people of my dad’s generation went to relive themselves of the body’s daily accumulated waste. That’s right—the toilet. 

There are many times I remember my father, newspaper in hand, heading out for what he called the library and not coming out for 15 minutes or more. And many of my friends fathers followed the same pattern. 
I have often wondered about the meaning of all this over the past 40 years. That is until I read an article that told me that many people are taking their smart phones with them into the “library” and spending more time than average behind closed doors.
Conversely, even though I like to read the ingredients of the cereal box while eating breakfast, I have never been able to finish one short article in the bathroom.
My theory is this: had my father possessed a smart phone, he might have spent a lot more time in the “john” and had less time to smoke those little cigars he was so fond of and maybe lived a few more years.
Humour me—it made sense when I first thought about it.
#2 Random Thought.
As the Huge Pepsi Semi passed me at the stoplight this morning on the way to work, I thought: isn’t it ironic that this Huge Company has made billions selling what amounts to flavored, caffeine, sugar water to the world’s population. Maybe we are not as cultured as we would like to think. 
#3 Random Thought
I have just burned through the last of Battle Star Galactica’s 76 episodes on Netflix. It is a fantastic series, uneven at times, but a great story of humanity vs. Cylon vs. humanity, etc. ad finitum. What I learned most is the fact that we make life changing decisions based on many different factors—sometimes on emotion, sometimes on fact, and sometimes on that gut feeling that can often be as wrong as right. Many great discoveries have been made at each and every level.
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1 Response to A Few Random Thoughts For Tuesday

  1. Carey says:

    1. I am not so sure John would appreciate this.
    2. Humans are suckers for sweet; it’s that simple. Furthermore, humans are not all they’re cracked up to be, as our potato chips will attest.
    3. I’m glad you’re done with the galactic stuff. What else is new?

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