Ray Bradbury A Prophet?

Before I go to far, let me just mention that this title thought comes as a result of a conference that Sandi and I attended this past weekend in Boone. 

Without going into much detail, the main speaker spent several hours over a two day period more or less outlining his experiences in and around what God is doing in the earth today. By following what he believes he is hearing from God, he has found himself in some pretty incredible places interacting with some very interesting people, who not only knew the part they played in this adventure but were often the very means by which he discovered the next link in what has become a life’s work and calling.
Suffice it to say it is always amazing to me when the pieces of life’s puzzle come together.
As a Christian, I believe that we have the ability to interact with Christ in a personal way on a daily, hourly and/or a minute by minute basis. In other words, using a radio metaphor, He is always broadcasting but we are not always tuned into the channel He is on. 
So when someone says that they hear God and that He told them to do this or to go here or there, I am not hard pressed to believe in this reality.
It came to me the other day that there are two types of hearing God—one way can be called “passive listening” because He said that He is always with us. In other words, many of the thoughts that occur to us during a day, can be Him speaking (as opposed to the noise that fills the world and our minds) but we are not so involved in differentiating them. The other type of listening is more “active” and can be typified by a diligent hunger and thirst to be involved with Him and pursuing His “presence”.
Much of what the conference speaker spoke involved the United States and it’s future. I am not an alarmist, but it is not hard for the natural eye to see the signs of a world that is in a lot of hurt. I am also not what you call a “prepper” although I do believe that we have a responsibility to be prepared for whats ahead of us—be that an ice storm that takes out the power grid or a time of drought or a disruption in our food supply chain. 
In light of this, the conference speaker made the connection between people hearing God and those same people being a part of something much bigger that is happening in America—sort of underground as it may be.
He told us of some people stockpiling toilet paper while other people are not but are storing something else—some people are buying guns and other people are not “feeling” to buy any weapons at all.
I guess in order to fully understand what I am saying, or trying to relate, you would have had to be there in person. However, what the speaker was trying to communicate on a very simple level was the fact that if people were tuned into God, they would know what to do (store up) and what not to do. 
Being prepared for the worst is a gamble at best—or so I thought. Since we are only 9 meals from anarchy in America, those people that don’t have will be on my door step once they realize that I do. Plain and simple—you can then either shoot them or share—knowing this: no one person can ever do it all and it seems like if you planned on feeding 4 for a month or two and suddenly there are 10 of you, your  stockpile won’t last as long as you would have hoped.
But that is what I would term thinking in the natural.
What I saw this weekend is that in the supernatural, we are not limited to only what we have but in a a greater sense, when the body of Christ comes out of the woodwork (church building), there is perhaps no limit to what God can do through us.
That is if you are listening.
Let him who has ears hear what the spirit is saying to the church (the ecclesia). God does nothing that he first doesn’t reveal to his servants the prophets.
And this is where Ray Bradbury comes in. In Fahrenheit 451 there is a scene in the woods where groups of people live and their sole mission in life is to keep alive the classics that have been burned. Some have memorized chapters and some whole books, which if memory serves, are then verbally passed on to others with the intent of keeping these book classics alive.
One person can’t do it all—it takes a team effort.
And so will making it through a crisis in America—a team effort will be required.
I will trade you a tube of toothpaste for a box of teabags and so on down the line.
Read between the lines—there is a lot more that I could say and a lot more that I have to learn but today begins the “long ride” that we have been on for quite some time.
We are not preparing for a time of fearful expectation but for a time of God’s glory to be revealed in the earth like we have never seen.
And that’s a ride worth going on.
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