Be Prepared

About a year ago I burned through several SHTF themed books that described what might happen, in fictional form, if the United States suffered a major disturbance in what might be called “business as usual”. These disturbances ranged from a banking/stock market collapse, an assault on the domestic power grid and an all-out EMP attack.

Most of the books were written by prepper types with a distinctive military and or christian background. And almost to a point, each book or author, followed more or less the same pattern of how events would unfold after such a major disturbance.

In simple terms, most of us are used to temporary or short term disruptions of our daily lives. Residing in the mountains of North Carolina, I have lived through ice and snow storms that have left us without electric power for up to 4 or 5 days. When Hugo hit we were without power for 4 days. And we were lucky to only be off the grid for that many days, as some were without power for many more.

I remember getting out my Coleman 2 burner camp stove and cooking breakfast in the basement with the door open for fresh air circulation. We lit the house with Aladdin lamps and when I finally plugged in the generator, we had water and a working refrigerator. That first night we actually watched a video on the tv that I plugged in directly to the generator.

What a life, right!

Recently, upon reflection of what I have read and the events of the past couple of years, I have come to conclusion that many of us can prepare for a week or two of no power. Then there are a very few that are prepared for maybe a month or two of survival off the grid. But there are not many who can last for a year without electricity, gas and food delivery to the local supermarket.

And this revelation led me to the realization that most of what I have read about survival after a major upheaval, has lacked what I might call a heavenly spiritual perspective. In other words, what I am trying to say is this: is there room in a SHTF scenario where God can or will take care of those who are called by His name.

Biblically there are many instances where God has intervened in human experience and provided what was needed to help people through the situations they found themselves in.

When the Israelites left Egypt they were provided with Manna to eat. And of course we all know the story of the loaves and fishes that were multiplied in order to feed the thousands who were following Jesus. These are just two examples of supernatural provision.

On the other side of that coin, is the story of Joseph, who in Genesis 41, interpreted Pharaoh‘s dreams of 5 years of feast and 5 years of famine and began to store up food for the people to eat. In this case, Joseph could be called the first real “prepper”. As I write this I am faced with the thought that even Pharaoh’s dream most likely originated from God and was therefore, also a supernatural provision, even though the fulfillment of it was worked out in the natural realm by storing up food that was being naturally produced.

I am reminded of the story of the man and the flood. Believing that God would “save” him from the coming flood, he turned down the neighbors ride out while it was still possible to drive away. He then turned down the canoe ride as the water rose over his porch. As the flood waters continued to rise, he turned down the helicopter pilots help as he clung to his roof. After the flood drowned him and he entered the pearly gates, his question to God was, “I put my faith in you, why didn’t you come and save me?” God’s answer was: “I sent you a car, a canoe and a helicopter. What more were you looking for?”

The point being that we can be out of balance in our approach to solving many of life’s tricky situations including that of being prepared. Knowing that God can multiply the loaves and the fishes and also stocking up the pantry as you are able to is not mutually exclusive. We can and should believe in both approaches.

Part of our “ride” is knowing which way to turn when and if that time of “disturbance” ever arrives. Like the ten virgins described in scripture, five had oil in their lamps and extra and five didn’t and had to leave to get them filled. Only the five that were prepared got to attend the wedding banquet.

And that is one meal that we don’t want to miss.



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2 Responses to Be Prepared

  1. Larry Cole says:

    Good writing. Demands readers to take thought.

    Be Blessed


  2. Linda J says:

    so true I have never been able to whole heartedly embrace the prepped movement. Remember y2k I think we were in fellowship together then.if God tells you to do it you better but we can never be prepared enough.

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