To Dream Or Not To Dream

I woke up this morning with the feeling that I had once again experienced a dream that repeated several aspects of dreams that I have had before.

One element of this dream state features a house that Sandi and I lived in from 1978 until 1985. It was an old farmhouse on 200 acres that had been abandoned and partially burned that we moved into and slowly remodeled for the rent. I must say that many good years were spent in that house that never had an indoor toilet or insulation against the winter winds.

Out first two children were born while we lived in that house that we heated with wood and had an electric bill of only $11 per month.

In my dream, that has been repeated many many times, the house is a lot different but I can tell it is the same one we lived in. In several ways it is a more “perfect” house without all the flaws that the real house had. Everything about the house is amplified in my dream state. There is also a feeling that it is very cosy and comfortable, even though several aspects of the physical house change from dream to dream. How the house presents itself is almost like I can feel the whole of it even when I am in only one room. Sometimes it feels like I live in the house with a different family even though I am hard pressed to explain how this idea presents itself.

There is also a past, present and future sense of being that is attached to the house itself in my dream. In many of these dreams, a local resident has begun to build houses behind the house I live in and almost a neighborhood is established.

One repeating part of this dream is that there is a road beside the house that leads up a sharp incline into a mountainous range full of danger and adventure. At the top of the mountain is a large lake that is surrounded by a steep cliff that has a trail on top of it that runs around the lake. All sorts of animals live in the wooded area on either side of the trail and I can tell that I have spent many hours exploring this area and keeping away from the dangers that I know exist in that environment.

In real life, there was a road beside our house that led up a mountain and past a house that had been abandoned many years before we set eyes on it. Sandi and I would walk this road many times a week, before kids, and explore the unknown as it presented itself to us. Each time we would take a little different path into the woods at the end of the road. What had been old logging trails cut through the woods and dared us to follow them.

I am sure there is much more to this that I could expound on but this is all that I recall at this moment. For some reason, I was prompted this morning to write this little bit down and share it with you.

What I do remember however is the fact that this is only one scenario and that there are several more repeated themes that manifest themselves in my dream world. Maybe I will have to remember them as well.

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