The Joy of Running

In my dream, which I recently realized I have had more than once, I am running in a neighborhood, at night, on the sidewalk, in my bare feet. My strides are long and evenly paced and the feeling is that my feet barely touch the ground. I am amazed that the more I push, the less  I feel physically tired and the lighter I seem in spirit.

I think that I have a destination in mind: something that I am running towards, but that seems to be the least of my concern.

All I am really aware of is the joy that I feel and the sense of freedom that this joy brings me.

I recently discovered a song on Steffany Gretzinger’s latest album called “Forever Amen” that maybe puts my running into perspective. The verse goes: “Let me hear the sound of Your voice and I’ll come running”.

Something worth thinking about!


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