A Beautiful Saturday

As I get ready to take a bike ride on one of my favorite roads, Railroad Grade in Todd, I am reminded of last night.

Sandi and I went to Wilkesboro to hear Kim Clement. He is a frequent contributor to the Elijah List prophesy newsletter via internet. I must admit I don’t follow all that stuff too much so I am not up on all the latest that is happening in that realm. He is mostly known on the west coast and is a great piano player and singer who gets prophetic words during a song service type format.

The place that we met was a refurbished warehouse that holds maybe 2,500 people. Morningstar had just recently bought lots of nice chairs for the place and is currently using it as their church meeting place.
I would say last night the place was 2/3’s full and was viewed as a major event for the area.

What I was struck by however, was not Kim’s style or what he brought to the table, etc. but the hunger of the people attending.
There seemed to be a pent up demand for things of the Lord. A longing for a supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit.

What I came away with is that people need to be loved and encouraged in the things of the Lord. Graham Cooke says that the shallow end of the prophetic pool is “encouragement” which literally means to “put courage into”.

As the body of Christ, we can do this. We can hear God for our brothers and sisters and help them see their future in terms of what the Lord has promised.

We can love and accept and pray.
For the joy set before Him, Christ endured the cross, despising its shame.

Are we ready?

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1 Response to A Beautiful Saturday

  1. Carey says:

    “…a longing for a supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit.”This is the difference between the charismatic church and the other 98% of the church: always seeking a new experience.Other streams of “the church,” however, have their emphases on…evangelism, or fellowship, or working toward peace, works of mercy, working toward justice, priestly ceremony…or other biblically based activities.The conclusion that I have come to is: they are all legitimate in the eyes of God, and so he allows a “house,” or denomination, for each inclination (“In my house are many mansions”)as long as His people acknowledge Him as the risen Lord, the One who created Life, conquered death, reconciled us to Himself, lives forever, and in whom we live forever.CC

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