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A Date With My Wife

<img src="/images/49366-44812/Atlanta.jpg”>In front of the High Gallery, Atlanta. Last night, as I sat in my easy chair, half asleep, I remembered a time from long ago, when on Sunday mornings we’d take a trip to a little town outside of … Continue reading

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A High Note

It’s the end of the year 2006 and I say, “What’s the big deal!” I have been here many times before and even though we hope for moreā€”the end of the year really doesn’t mean that much anymore. One year … Continue reading

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What Fog?

As I sit before the computer this evening the words to a famous T.S. Eliot poem come to mind. It is actually the refrain to the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. In it, the author takes flight on the … Continue reading

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Georgia O’Keefe

<img src="/images/49366-44812/Georgia_5.jpg”> One of the artists’ that has often inspired me is Georgia O’Keefe. One of her artistic ideas was to paint flowers like no one had ever seen them…big and bold..which would force you to take a look at … Continue reading

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Out Of The Box

The phrase “out of the box” is used to describe behavior that is not within the status quo. When we think about something in a different way from what our normal thought processes would be, we call it “thinking out … Continue reading

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Confused About Christmas

It’s late afternoon on December 25th, 2006 and my mind is wondering about this celebration we call Christmas. I have always believed that traditonally we celebrated Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus. We raised our kids this way. I … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2006

I can’t really say that one of the reasons my wife and I moved to North Carolina was because of the mild winters. I came with her in March of 1978 and we sun bathed in Moravian Falls, only to … Continue reading

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