It’s Good To Exercise

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Today I visited our new Wellness Center for the first time in several months. I say new because over the past year or so, construction has been going to add a pool, bigger locker rooms and a parking lot to the old Wellness Center. The Wellness Center, being the best place in town to workout, began to get over crowded and over extended.

It’s not that I stopped exercising—I just did it in another way—namely bycyling.

Last March I got a good deal on a Specialized road bike and began my journey into what is being called the “new golf”.

New golf because a lot of guys my age (over 50) are getting back into biking as a way of getting and staying healthy.

Once you get in the saddle, it’s all over. Your days begin with looking at the weather on the computer and rotate around riding days and not riding days.

If you have had a rough day, a ride after work will help you leave it all behind in the asphalt.

When I first started out, I might make it ten miles or so in a little under an hour on the road. The feeling after was one of satisfaction and celebration. Just you, the bike and the road.

I remember those first few rides. I would go to sleep at night re-living every stretch of pavement—every bump and vibration was like music to my ears. It was not uncommon to average 16 mph, which is a pretty steady pace.

I could go on and on about the road I liked to ride on, the friends that began to ride with me and all the neat stuff you have to buy to ride in the fall and winter here in Boone. I’ll leave that for another time.

I said all that to say that that is why I haven’t been to the Wellness Center for a workout in some time.

All that changed today as I tried out the new olympic size lap pool that is part of the latest Wellness Center addition.

Bear in mind that I hadn’t been swimming in some time—maybe three years—and that my speedo had seen better days. But I was pumped up and re-started my membership and today during lunch, swam for about twenty minutes. That’s all I could muster up before I  almost needed help to take a shower and get back in my car for the trip back to work. I had forgotten what a great workout swimming is. And yes, it gets to parts that biking doesn’t even come close to exercising—as good as biking is.

Another thing I forgot to mention is the fact that we have had a very mild winter here in the mountains of North Carolina. And that has led to an extended bike season for those of us brave enough to get out in mild 50 degree weather. This Saturday is supposed to be 63 degrees and I bet you can figure out where I will be around noon time.

Not anywhere near the gym, I can tell you that.

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2 Responses to It’s Good To Exercise

  1. It’s okay to isolate, as long as you don’t do it alone.

  2. Kyani says:

    Excellent post with some good info, think i’ll share this on my twitter if you don’t mind and maybe even blogroll it depending on the feedback, thanks for sharing.

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