A Dream

A Dream is: an aspiration; a goal; an aim.

As I was watching a TV program tonight I allowed myself a moment to think about what might be rather than what is.

What I mean by this is that I can see myself walking through Sub-Saharan streets with a life-goal purpose in mind.

Instead of getting up every morning and having a bowl of cereal in Boone, North Carolina, I’d be in some remote village eating wahtever it is people eat in remote villages.

There was a time during the year of 1967 where every day was an adventure of the sort I am thinking about. As I hitch-hiked through western Europe, no two mornings were ever the same—even when I lived in the same town for more than a few days. It wasn’t Kansas for sure.

As I back-packed through Holland, Germany and eventually Italy, when it was time for bed I would either pull off the road and sleep under the stars or find a nice church with a big back yard and roll out the sleeping bag. When it rained and I was on the road, I would often go inside the church or sleep on the porch—leaving well before anybody came around.

These were kinder and gentler times mind you—when a young American could get away with that sort of thing and not be found dead alongside the road.

When I did find my way back to America via a ocean freighter, I never hesitated to mention that a part of anyone’s education should be to visit New York City and travel through some part of western Europe. That in doing so an individual would get a perspective not attainable through any other means.

So when I say I can see myself walking the streets of some far away country, I really do know what that feels like. That sense of newness everyday—the feeling that life is an adventure and that I am in the front seat of my very own travelogue.

As I ate lunch with a friend the other day, I was reminded how fortunate I am in many respects, even though my life is not filled with much intrigue and foreign lands. In the case of my friend, life has not turned out the way he would have hoped and I am sure he would welcome a commercial break for a time away from the drama that surrounds his life. He will make it through and be all right, but sometimes the road is rough and not all that pleasant.

I guess my dream really is to be right where I am—but really live in the moment—if you know what I mean. That no matter how boring things seem, or how many times I have found myself at the same intersection, I would take the time to look around and appreciate the ride I am on. That I would be able to pass on some excitement about life to the next person I meet along the way—something that would help them look at things just a little differently and make life a little more enjoyable.

And speaking of dreaming—that’s a lot more likely to happen than re-visiting Africa—at least for the next little while.

After that, who can really know?

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  1. vmflot says:

    What movie is worth seeing?

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