Home and My Daughter’s Wedding

Scripture tells me that of the writing of books there is no end. The implication is that there is only so much we can ever know about our journey here on earth or our final destination. There is also an implication in scripture that things will continue in this vein until the end of time—that we will continue to do our jobs, get married have kids and all that until the final hour is recorded.

What we generally try to understand is all the stuff that happens to us in between birth and death and with our world continually changing, it is sometimes hard to keep up with what is happening.

So we pick areas of interest. Some of us focus on family, some of us on jobs and avoca-tions and some of us on church and what it means to be a Christian.

I will have to admit that I never saw it coming—where I am today in relation to what I think about all these things. Of course we always thought that life was/is a journey but I do believe that many of us felt that we would at some point arrive somewhere in time and space to a place of serenity and peace.

Some of this is true. Sandi and live in a house that has been our home for over 22 years and like an old fuzzy childhood bear it is a little worn and faded in places. A few buttons have fallen off and the bow around the neck is frayed but it is still full of warm memories and has a lot of life left in it.

Why just the other day one of my three daughters was married in a small ceremony that took place in a garden space just outside our back doorway. There were about thirty people in attendance and though is was a little windy and unseasonably chilly, she and her fiance were married in just a few minutes and we then moved inside for the food and cake.

She was the first of two children born while we lived in this house to tie the knot and in some cosmic way I guess it is only appropriate that she would recite her vows here. Even for a small ceremony it took more than a weeks worth of preparation to make it happen and then all of a sudden, after one or two hours, it was over and the house was back almost back to normal. The extra chairs were back in the basement, the dishes were in the washer and my wife and I were sitting in our chairs with a glass of red wine to finish off the day.

It was a success. We will have a bigger celebration in August when the weather is bet-ter, but for them it was time and that’s alright. Lots of couples are doing things differently these days. And not to mention that my wife and I were married on a hill behind a house we had just rented, almost 29 years ago, with only four people in attendance. It was our time and we were never into big weddings so we took the plunge and did it spur of the moment like. So, it is not about how you do it but rather why you do it that really counts.

I am at that point in life where all I want to do is figure it out and at the same time want to be released from having to know it all. I know that I will not be able to come to terms with everything that I have questions about, but am beginning to see the areas in my life where I can say no and not feel guilty because I didn’t live up to something that some-one expected of me. Not the type of thing I would have seen a 50 plus year old dealing with but what the heck, I am moving forward and not backwards and that can’t be all bad.

Life is about the journey, of this we can be sure. But taking time off to rest and enjoy the stations that the train brings us to is also something that is important. If no one stopped to smell the roses would they really have any fragrance.

Enjoy the journey and the ride.

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1 Response to Home and My Daughter’s Wedding

  1. Carey says:

    Here’s a belated blessing and congratulations on Jesseica’s wedding. May her union with her husband prove to be a fruitful, lifelong one…like yours.Carey

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