Waking Up On The Way to The Airport

Listening to Don Potter sing on the way to the airport this morning was one of those times to reflect and let my mind flow. Only so much flow of course as I had to keep the car on the road in between the white lines.

The cd in mention is an old Morningstar re-lease called “In The Spirit” and as was recorded live during a seminar or church service.
It is an encouraging list of songs that are featured and listening to him this morning made the two hour drive seem short.
I guess I like Don because of his ability to help me track my feelings about being a Christian and what that means to me on an everyday basis.
In other words he gives me a musical vocabulary to ponder my relationship to the Lord.

Speaking of vocabulary, recent trips to several websites have more than added to my dictionary like mind and helped to to put into words feelings that I have had for some-time in relation to church and how we structure it on a weekly basis.

One website blog authored by Bill Kinnon, had an article by Bill from “The People For-mally Known As The Congregation”. More than tongue in cheek, Bill’s blog about this group of people looking for a new way to practically live out their relationship with Christ, is a must read for people who have or are having questions about the standard Sunday service type of Christian expression and the way we do church in America.

What I found as I followed a few links to other web-site blogs is that there is a large community of believers who, on a daily basis, are working out some the the same things I am in the process of dealing with in my own life since leaving the church I attended faithfully for over 22 years.
Reading their posts has given me a new vocabulary with which to begin to better explain the thoughts and feelings I have been having these past few years.
It is like reading a book and finding that the author has so perfectly described your day, week or year—or has gone through the same things and has actually taken the time to work them through thought-wise (I guess that is what writers do).

A friend of mine sent me a link the other day to the blog written by Kinnon called achievable ends. It is located at:

Bill is an excellent writer and I am not saying that I agree fully with everything he says but it, and this whole internet stream of thought is, just a part of the larger community of believers that gather to discuss and debate their journey.

These people are not anarchists which means “…a state of society without government or law”, but rather are people who are looking for an expression of Christianity that more closely resembles what many of us thought it looked like when we first read the book of acts. They are a community of believers who feel disenfranchised…or left out of the process of how church is expressed on a daily or weekly basis.

As I write this I am reminded of the many talks I have had with friends about the poten-tial that resides within each of us as Christians—and conversely about how the lack of miracles seems all the more apparent as we press toward what we feel is the high call-ing of God.

The verse “…all creation groans and travails waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God”, comes to mind (Romans 8:9).
In all of this, I feel something like that person in the Bob Dylan song when he says, “There’s something happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you mister Jones?”

Yet I am beginning to wake up and see that all around me there is a body being built that I am a part of. It is a ride I didn’t see coming and one that I surely thought would look a lot different, but one that I am on and excited to see where it takes me.

Enjoy your ride today.

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