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A couple of my favorite things to do are visiting my son and daughter who live in the Cary, NC area and while there visiting a couple of local, used book stores and a humongus Barnes and Noble’s.
Mostly in that order with a mocha latte added at some point. I occasionally stumble upon a rare find or two—which is well worth the trip in and of itself. Ordering online from Amazon is not nearly as

My latest trip was last weekend and while there, I picked up several books of poetry …
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Unfolding Revelation

You can rest assured that each of our life journeys have been more or less unique to us. There may be some overlap in shared experiences, but overall, it is our shoes that we have filled and no one

And what I see today is that each mile that we have walked brings with it some understanding of the purpose of the mile before it. In other words, it seems we are never quite current in our overall
assessment of where we have been and why. In this sense, revelation comes to …
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