Unfolding Revelation

You can rest assured that each of our life journeys have been more or
less unique to us. There may be some overlap in shared experiences, but
overall, it is our shoes that we have filled and no one else’s.

And what I see today is that each mile that we have walked brings with
it some understanding of the purpose of the mile before it. In other
words, it seems we are never quite current in our overall assessment of
where we have been and why. In this sense, revelation comes to us in
bits and pieces over time—and that only if we are tuned into anything
that is happening to and around us.

It is like I have heard said about hearing God—He is always broadcasting but we are not always tuned into His channel.

Knowledge comes in pieces as well. Scripture tells us that it is, “…line upon line, precept upon precept”.

So, it is with interest that I think about a conversation my wife and I
had this morning in bed as we found ourselves both awake at about 5am.

The conversation seemed to revolve around having and nurturing a daily
relationship with Jesus/God and how we fill our free days with lots of
other activities rather than pursuing one of the most important.

This line of conversation led us to remembering our early house church
experiences and how fulfilled we felt being a part of a local church
body in pursuit of the Holy Spirit.

Which brought us to the point of how hard it is to find what we experienced as early Christians in today’s hustle bustle world.

After having attended a church we were actively involved in for 20 plus
years, we left there for another local expression, which in turn lasted
for about 3 1/2 years. So, for the past 4 or 5 months, we have not
attended (been a part of) a local church service.

Granted, we are still a part of the “church” but are not fellow-shipping
with the brethren on a weekly basis. We get together with Christian
friends, but have not found that place of corporate worship and service
that we are now missing.

What we are looking for is a place of abiding where we are a part of
what is happening, rather than being passive participants sitting in
pews or folding chairs—a place where what we say matters and the feeling
is of a family rather than the customary clergy/laity divide.

Sandi likes to dance and use beautiful flags in worship and I like to
use my musical giftings in order to usher in the majesty of Holy Spirit

Sounds like we are between a rock and a hard place in terms of finding a
local expression that meets our needs—or is life-giving—in other words.
Not that we are always looking to be fed—we have opportunity to serve
others—but mostly when we are filled can we in turn be used to fill

I am sure there is more to this train of thought than what I have time
for right now. Suffice it to say, the dialogue has begun and as our
revelation unfolds, we will end up in the very place that we need to be.

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3 Responses to Unfolding Revelation

  1. Carey says:

    Jesus loves us; this we know. That truth is reason enough for celebration every morning, every evening, no matter the circumstances. Look at it this way: at least we’re not in the situation that Dietrich Bonhoffer was in. Therefore are we filled with worship: praise God from whom our many blessings flow, every day.

  2. Makaila says:

    Glad I’ve finally found soemthing I agree with!

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