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A Walk In The Wild

This past Valentines Day weekend Sandi and I visited our kids who live in Cary, NC to have dinner with them in celebration of Sandi’s 60th birthday. It is only a 2 1/2 hour drive from Boone and is a
welcome change in our daily routine. We affectionately call it “getting off the mountain”. Boone is not a backwoods town by any means since it is home to the ever growing Appalachian State
University. But it is a lot more rural than it is urban—and that’s not a bad thing—just a bit boring sometimes. As you know, I …
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Meditations on a trailer sitting in an open field.

I was driving back from Raleigh on Sunday and having had time to allow my mind to rest (after two long walks in the wilderness areas around Cary with my wife) I saw a trailer sitting in a field
and wondered what it would be like to write about it. I mean really take the time to consider it and all its many ramifications, moods and moments. What follows is a poem in progress.

Meditations on a trailer sitting in an open field.   2.13.2011

My first thought …
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Reconciliation Part Two

Way back in 2007 I posted an observation on what I had come to understand about reconciliation as it pertained to a church I had been a part of for nearly 20 years.

Sandi and I had left the church amid “leadership” disagreements and overall disatisfaction with the direction the church was heading. We had been hurt by “leadership” and in this had in turn wounded
others. The church had a long history of leaving wounded soldiers by the wayside. Our attempts to change the way relationships were handled were not met with a …
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