My Ride

Here is the first entry to this blog, which has been an idea in my mind and heart for a long, long time.

The thoughts leading up to this are: During my hitch-hiking days (late 60’s), in the United States and Europe, the goal was to get the longest ride possible towards your destination. Many people would stop to pick you up, but you didn’t take every ride. Many times people were only going a little way up the road and would actually let you out in a worse place than where you were. So, you would ask how far they were going and if it wasn’t raining, you might just pass up a ride that wasn’t going very far in hopes of a better ride coming. The drivers would often be surprised that you were turning down a ride, but most seemed to understand ( I guess it was a kinder and gentler time in history ).

Anyway…we are all on a journey. From birth until death. And I am still looking for and intrigued by the concept of “The Long Ride”.

Many years ago, I entered into a relationship with Jesus. The ride has been a good one and we are still on our journey together. There have been side trips, day trips and bad trips along the way. I have been tripped up, side-tracked and delayed as well.

I have been on the mountain top and in the valley. It has been a good ride.

Yet I begin to see that there is an end to this part as well.

I think I know where I need to be in terms of my response to today and all that it has to bring my way. But I don’t know what this looks like. But I am on the road….my thumb is out….and I am excited about the next phase of my journey.

How about yours?

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