What Is Today’s Weather Like?

We all know people who have the ability to take the weather with them wherever they go. If it’s rainy outside, they will bring the sunshine in and change a gloomy atmosphere to one of hope and anticipation.

I bring this up today, not because I am one of those people (though I tend towards being upbeat) but because it is a place that we can aspire to. It is an attitude of the heart that will help make our ride (and others) a little better, a little more enjoyable and memorable.

I remember several years ago, my mother and sister were visiting us during the summer. As those of you have lived in the mountains know, the weather can be rather hard to predict. What starts as bright and sun-shiny can quickly turn to drizzle later in the day. This makes planning an event or day-trip somewhat problematic.

I guess it was Tuesday and we had planned to go to Grandfather Mountain (a local scenic tourist attraction) and do what tourists do: have a picnic, see the bears and take a walk on the mile high bridge.
However, we awoke to a light misty type rain. A decision had to be made and everyone was looking my way. So, I went boldly where I had not gone before and said that I wasn’t going to let a little rain spoil my day. So we all climbed into my car, a big old Buick, and headed south to Grandfather Mountain.

And guess what: even though there was a light mist on and off all day, we never skipped a beat. We enjoyed the day and all that it had to offer and didn’t complain about the fact that it wasn’t perfect weather.
Had we stayed at home, we would have missed what the day had for us as a family.

As families, we have times that are remembered and sayings that become life-quotes.

So, every once and a while, when we are faced with a situation that is less than perfect (when the weather is not what we would want it to be) my wife or one of our kids will say, “We are not going to let a little rain spoil our fun!”
We have shared the ride and have taken our weather with us.

What’s your day look like?

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