Accessories and Sights Along the Way

For the past several weeks I have been playing a CD by Lincoln Brewster entitled “All To You…Live”. It would be called a comtemporary praise and worship album in today’s language. There are many songs on this album that are notable but one keeps playing in my mind. The songs’ title is “I Surrender” and is kind of hymn-like with a celtic lilt.
Brewster has a great voice and is an amazing guitar player, but what sets this album apart is that he is not singing about God but to Him.

Now bear in mind that I don’t just listen to Christian music. I woke up this morning with the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song, “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll” echoing through my brain….with the refrain “…now ain’t the time for your tears” repeating itself.

I guess what I am trying to say today is that music is and important part of my life. From Bob Dylan and Miles Davis to Motown all the way through to today and Lincoln Brewster.

Music is an accessory to our lives. It enriches us and can give us comfort. It can stretch us and calm us. It can define a mood and make a movie come to life as a song plays underneath some on-screen action. It can be like “South Pacific” or the “Sound of Music” in its’ ability to help us understand our world.

As you have no doubt concluded…I like music. And while I mostly play praise and worhsip stuff I relate big-time to the singer-song writer genrĂ© as well.

I recently went to a music shop in Blowing Rock, NC called Pandora’s Mailbox. It is owned by a girl who knows a lot about all kinds of music. I told her I wanted to listen to something that I would probably never run into on my own. I told her what I liked and she picked a few CD’s for some sample tracks.
One of them was group out of nowhere called the “Weepies”. Just a girl and a guy singing songs they wrote. But it was delightful and struck a chord inside and is one of those sights along the way. Having only listened to a couple of songs part way, the money I spent could have been a waste but really turned out to be a great investment and a bright spot along the way.

What do you see on the sideline of your life today?

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