Until He Returns

I am fully convinced that if a man wanted to he could keep busy for at least the next ten or twenty years just reading the different ideas expressed in the thousands of Christian themed blogs available to us through the world wide web. At a touch of the keyboard we can be almost anyplace in the world thought-wise. It is a discussion that has an internet based community involved around the world.

For the most part I believe that this is a healthy thing—a global conversation that has the effect of making us all equal. There is no clergy and laity divide as pertains to the internet—no division between the secular and the sacred. And this is a good thing.

Yet I am disturbed by all the information available to me—it is almost to much. There are good conversations going on about everything that can have a conversation going on about it. Tithing and taxes; leadership and church structure; accountability and on and on. I have even authored a few of these conversations myself.

As I was reading tonight I began to wonder if a time of rest would ever come upon the people of God and me in particular. Will we ever reach a point of being content inside that we know enough to be at peace with what we know. I know that is a mouthful but you get the point—or is the point more about getting to the point of knowing that we will never get to that point and to make peace with that.

As I was thinking about this a verse to a song Bob Dylan wrote years ago came to mind (you almost knew that was coming didn’t you). The song was off his born-again album “Slow Train Coming” and is entitled “When He Returns”. Think what you want about Dylan and where ever he is today spiritually (I don’t really know), he wasn’t faking it back then. No one could write what he did in their sleep and keep it up for several years.

The verse in question is this:

Will I ever learn that there’ll be no peace, that the war won’t cease

Until He returns?

And to a degree this answers my question—if we can agree on what he is saying in this verse.

My take on it today is this: we will continue to question things until that moment when we don’t and then we won’t really remember it being any different—we will just feel it inside—that something has shifted in the way we look at life and our journey in particular. If we are asked about it we will look somewhat amused and wonder what all the fuss is about.

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11 Responses to Until He Returns

  1. I have often had the same question (when will the questions end). It’s nice to hear it from your perspective.Sometimes I can’t take the blogs anymore, and I step away for a day or two from reading. But I always come back.Most days, I’m just really at peace with the questions themselves. Is that odd? I must be really postmodern, I guess. But I just like the fact that we have the ability to ask the many questions that are being asked. Some of the answers are very important, mind you. But so many of them don’t really matter in the big scheme of things. It’s all about finding our way in the life that is in Christ.Now we see through a glass darkly – and I’m ok with that. Very ok. By faith, I know what (who) is on the other side of that dark glass. And I look forward to seeing Him face to face.

  2. Carey says:

    I find peace in your restful ending to that.

  3. ded says:

    There are so many voices!! I realized that very soon after I allowed myself to think beyond a box and began to uncover what other folks thought. Something about this post brings me a great deal of comfort.

  4. Terry Henry says:

    That’s a good perspective. I guess what I was feeling was that since the info is out there and is important, then it was my duty to filter through more of it in order to know that I am reaching for all the right things. And in this I was quickly reaching overload knowing that I would never be able to understand or assimilate even a fraction of what is available to me. But in gradual movement and rest there is a peace that He will let me know what it is I need to understand when it is time for me to understand—I just had to get the feeling out and appreciate your response.

  5. Terry Henry says:

    It must have been something that He wanted to say because in re-reading that last paragraph I sense something that is beyond me as well. Thanks

  6. Terry Henry says:

    Recognizing the trap that too much information can bring is the first step in freeing ourselves of the need to deal with it. I do have an overall desire to be simple but always tend to put more weight on understanding everything around me than is really good for my mental health. I do feel however that I am reaching that balance point where the winds of all the thoughts I am surrounded by can’t throw me off balance as they have in the past.I can see us standing together as the howling winds coming at us try to uproot us. At some point, perhaps ten feet in front of us, the winds are divided into two streams that pass by us on our left and right and leave us unharmed. We can hear the roar but remain calm as if in the middle of mighty storm which can’t touch us.

  7. Happy says:

    That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Tahkns!

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