Hard To Describe

Often there are subtle shifts in our perception of reality that are hard to describe.

Like yesterday.

I hadn’t played golf in over four years and yet went out and held my own in a captain’s choice type tournament. I don’t even own a set of clubs anymore and had to borrow some from a friend in order to play. And it could have been really bad news instead of a good report at the end of the day. It is just the way things go.

I stepped up to the first tee and hit the ball straight down the fairway for at least 230 yards. What I didn’t know is that the people I was playing with knew that I had borrowed clubs to play and were expecting the inevitable—that I would top off the ball and it would roll about twenty feet and that the rest of the day would be more of the same. My buddy Carter told me at church today that God knew what was going to happen even before I got to the course.

This after I told the congregation before leading praise and worship that It could have gone either way—I could have sucked and wished I was home after four holes or I could have held my own (which I did miraculously) and had an enjoyable day. The way I looked at it going into the first hole was I had nowhere to go but up and that turned out to be the case. And that is the way life is sometimes. I really didn’t have what it took (in a Tiger Woods sort of way) but God did show up and helped me to see clearly as to the purpose of the day’s exercise and in the end He was strong while I was weak.

In other news the sky tonight was one of the most spectacular events that I have witnessed in a long time. The sun was just barely below the horizon which in itself gives a dimension to the sky and clouds that is almost beyond belief. That reflected radiation and the three dimensional view is exaggerated during the fall of the year. Some of the clouds looked like an other worldly landscape turned upside down with sunlight coming through every pore.

Fall in the mountains is generally a marvelous time to be alive. Chilly nights and 65+ degree days and trees that show us every color in the human perception spectrum. This year for the first time, I have also noticed that the sun light is even different during the fall—not as intense on the eyes and seemingly diffused in an also other-worldly sort of way. As the light shines on the landscape it seems to come alive in all its three dimensional glory. No painting can even come close to replicating this vision of beauty—you have to see it with you own eyeballs.

I took a 30 mile ride with my biking buddy Lonnie on Saturday and purposefully picked a route that would display all the fall had to offer—and we were not disappointed. The colors were so intense that they seemed to burn themselves into our memory banks—and there were so many of them. It was definitely “peak week-end” color season. The traffic in and around Boone was almost at a standstill—smart people stayed away from town or else prepared themselves for the traffic jam ahead.

All in all it is an exciting time to be alive—I can hardly wait to see what kind of ride tomorrow will bring.

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4 Responses to Hard To Describe

  1. The colors this year are absolutely amazing. It more than made up for last year’s fizzle.Enjoyed your perspective on it, too.

  2. ded says:

    The last few days have been immense and gratifying to the eye. It was great to read about your success on the golf course. 8^) Your descriptions of the last light of day was good, too.

  3. Terry Henry says:

    It is hard not to do your best when a person has so many good friends cheering them on and maybe even a great cloud of witnesses as well. May your kind words to me be multiplied unto you many times fold.

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